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Uta Leyke owner of hostmum.com

Hi! I’m Uta!

We at hostmum.com believe that the Au Pair arrangement needs two essential principles to have the chance to work:

  • Sympathy and
  • Honesty.

These are key factors that you need to find out about before you agree on before becoming an Au Pair or hiring an Au Pair

When you are having a video call with a prospective Au Pair or Host Family, you should feel sympathy towards the other party as the very first essential factor.

Secondly, we are insisting that it is important to be 100% honest about yourself straight from the first contact – whether you are the Au Pair or the Host Family. Only through complete honesty you will really understand the other side’s needs, expectations and personality. This is the only way to prevent disappointment.

With hostmum.com we aim to educate and help both sides with information about all kinds of subjects where an Au Pair arrangement can go wrong. We publish positive and negative experiences from Au Pairs and Host Families regularly and try to point out what went wrong.

We hope our website will:

  • Prepare the prospective Au Pairs about how big the step is they are taking
  • Clarify what the Au Pair arrangement is about and what it is not about
  • Help through an anonymous discussion if problems occur

And ultimately, improve the overall Au Pair experience for both Au Pairs and Host Families.

We see this website as a platform where we can all learn from and help each other and involvement from readers is highly appreciated.

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