An Au Pair application is most likely one of the first applications the Au Pair is writing at all. Some countries teach pupils at school how to write an application. They may not only write a test application but also write real ones to apply for a school internship which is mandatory in some countries. However an Au Pair application is different and more personal than any “normal” application for a proper job, university, an internship or a volunteer position.

Therefore, prospective Au Pairs may struggle with their application and don´t know the answers to questions like:

  • How do I best describe myself?
  • What personal information to include?
  • What level of detail is required and what is too much?
  • How much can I write without overdoing it?
  • What information increases my chances to find a Host Family?
  • What shall I better keep out and address only when I personally speak with the Host Family?
  • What photos are appropriate to use and how many shall I include?
  • Should I include references and what can I do if I don’t have any?

Where do I find information about how to write an Au Pair application?

If you have registered with an Au Pair Agency they will help you with the application (or the Au Pair profile as they may call it). If you are creating your own Au Pair application / profile on any of the popular Au Pair matching websites or for sending it to prospective Host Parents directly, you may want to understand what is appealing to Host Families and what is not.

The format of your application also depends on the country you want to go. For becoming an Au Pair in the USA for instance, many prospective Au Pairs put lots of effort in their application and produce an application video. If you search on YouTube for Au Pair applications you will find many really nice videos and tips how to create a video.

On the following pages, we have summarized useful tips on how to write a successful Au Pair application including what you can do to “stand out” from the large number of Au Pair candidates that Host Families usually screen in advance.

If you want to read more about how to write an application you can read the following articles: dear host family letter, application video and au pair in UK.

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